Spiral mixer with removable bowl BIZON H

The machine is used for mixing various ingredients to obtain the baking dough.


  • all models have two rotation speeds
  • there has been applied a special knife insert, which makes it possible to mix very small portions of dough
  • the bowl and the spiral are made of stainless steel
  • durable, steel protective housing of the bowl has been fitted
  • the drive force is transmitted by means of numerous v-belts, which ensures a very silent functioning
  • it has a steel construction with hubs and support elements made of cast iron
  • the machine is equipped with wheels and a positioning blockade
  • it has three engines: for mixing the dough, turning the bowl and hydraulic pump motor
  • trolley working with elevator


  • Pour water, flour, and other ingredients into the bowl. Tap it with the cover.
  • Switch on the mixer with the main switch, put the time of the slow mixing and quick mixing.
  • Switch on the M1 button for slow rotations or M2 for quick rotations in case of a manual operation.
  • In case of the automatic cycle, press the AUTO button and the machine will perform the whole cycle automatically. After the end of the mixing, the bowl will change the rotations to separate the dough from the spiral.
  • Raising and closing of head with spiral is controlled via push-buttons.
Model Weight rangekg Amount of flourkg Bowl capacityL PowerkW Power supplyV Weightkg Dimensions LxWxHcm
BIZON H160 20-160 100 250 8.5 400V, 50Hz 1050 95 x 170 x 140 (190)
BIZON H200 20-200 125 300 8.5 400V, 50Hz 1070 95 x 170 x 140 (190)
BIZON H250 30-250 150 375 8.5 400V, 50Hz 1460 105 x 180 x 140 (190)

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