Flour sifter machine TARAK

Machine is designed for sieving and aeration of flour and making crumbs


  • efficient and handy in operating
  • solidly made construction from the massive cast iron basis guarantees stability during the work and long-lasting using
  • charging hopper is made of stainless steel
  • replacing the sieve with a special rasp allows to use the attachment for the crumbs making
  • the sieving machine is of small dimensions and its designing makes cleaning easy
  • the device is well balanced and though it s quite heavy nevertheless it is easy to displace; it is equipped with wheels.
  • it can be also equipped with jack
  • it is made according to the CE directives

    To sieve flour:
  • switch the machine on
  • pour flour (hopper has enough room for one sack) directly or using the magazine
  • take the sieved flour to the kneading or to the sack, tightened to the outlet tube
    To make crumbs:
  • loose the fastening bolts (accessible through the service door)
  • replace the sieve with rasp
  • throw in the pieces of dry bread systematically
  • take crumbs into the sack

Model Efficiency for flour maxkg/h PowerkW Power supplyV Weightkg Dimensions LxWxHcm
TARAK 2500 1,1 400V, 50Hz 170 112 x 70 x 134

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