Croissant machine ROLLA

Machine is designed for sheeting and rolling the dough portions for crescent-shaped rolls, battons and even wheat bread.


  • Durable chromium plated rolls.
  • Wide range of weight from 30g to 1000g.
  • Possibility of portion sheeting (for example pizza bottoms) after isolation of rolling power feed.
  • Special cleaning strips, chromium plated rolls.
  • Casing is made as uniform aluminum cast.
  • Special leak stoppers for bearings are used.
  • When you will open covers, machine stops immediately.


  • After starting the machine according to the operating manual we throw dough portions on the conveyor belt (portions which were rounded in bun divider and rounder give after rolling more regular forms).
  • On the other side of machine we get sheeted and rolled crescent-shaped rolls.
  • When we re-set the back plate we can direct crescent-shaped rolls to reception from the side of service staff.
  • When we change the power feed we can use the machine for dough sheeting.
Model Weight rangeg Lenght of cylindersmm Efficiency maxL/h PowerkW Power supplyV Weightkg Dimensions LxWxHcm
ROLLA 500 30-1000 500 1500/2000 0,55 230V, 50Hz 145 88 x 80 x 120
ROLLA 630 30-1000 630 1500/2000 0,55 230V, 50Hz 160 88 x 93 x 120

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