Cookie machine MINIMAX PLUS Combi

Machine for cakes MINIMAX

Maximum effect minimum space.
MINIMAX is a strong semi industrial machine designed for using in medium and big bakery.

Semi-automatic cake dropping machine Minimax Is designed for production of cakes of light dough (e.g. fruit cake, cream puffs) and thin dough (e.g. sponge cake). When fitted with additional gear pump, the machine is used for processing o thick dough with additives (e.g. coconut) and for production of food products. The machine is manufactured in different versions that can process one kind of dough (uno), two kinds of dough simultaneously (duo) or two kinds of dough and filling (trio).

Control Panel equipped with touchscreen, allows the user to select operating program, to input and/or edit parameters defining the shape, number and production technology of products. Setting and adjustment of specific machine parameters is performed automatically, as well as monitoring of positions and moves of working elements. Reliability and repeatability are assured by induction motors and accurate control and measurement devices.

Production possibilities of the machine are divided into 5 groups, which can be adjusted in 99 product programs each. The mechanism of rotary heads (in different way than in other devices) with restraint of transport table permits for additional possibilities of the machine (for example fetching movable tables of any length). All movies of machine have got infinitely variable adjustment in both sides of any angle and any stroke (they are controlled by the precise rules and turn register).

The machine can works up to 40 strokes per minute. Assembly the parts of the pump, funnel, mechanism of turning the nozzle or various types of nozzles is very easy and it is possible do it in some minutes. Assembly of the mechanisms after cleaning takes some minutes too. The machine can also be supplied with wire cutting mechanism.


  • stable frame-type machine body
  • wide range of standard and special tools including the holder for thin dough and diaphragm-type holder for product cutting with simultaneous closing
  • simple tools change,
  • easy cleaning of all parts in contact with dough
  • extended product forming possibilities and functions using microprocessor controller with large capacity of memory
  • optional additional unit for decoration of cakes by lifting and lowering the dosing-and-forming device during conveyor stop
Model Trays widthcm Hopper capacityL PowerkW Power supplyV Weightkg External dimensions LxWxHcm Type of pump
MINIMAX PLUS Combi 40 40   3,0 230V, 50Hz    
MINIMAX PLUS Combi 45 45 30+15 3,0 230V, 50Hz 270 75x105x165
MINIMAX PLUS Combi 60 60 40+15 3,0 230V, 50Hz 320 75x120x165

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