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Cutting and packaging line EFEKTA

ATOR packaging machine is intended for packaging bakery products, especially loaves of bread, into bags, but it may also be used for packaging other products.
• It may be equipped with product dating unit.
• Easy operating: the operator puts the product into an inflated bag, tears the bag off and moves it along the table to the chute hole above the ramp.
• Closing is performed automatically.
• The packaging machine is equipped with counting system for finished packages.

AKRA 45(60) slicer is designed for semi-industrial cutting of almost all kinds of bread.
• The machine cuts bread to slices 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15 or 17 mm
• Bread is supplied using conveyor
• Stepless adjustment of cutting speed
• Cutters are made of special steel; their length allows for re-use (after returning)
• Cutter frames guided on chromium plated columns
• Folding bags blower devise
• AKRA slicer is suitable to cooperation with automatic ATOR bag closing machine
• Сan be equiped with knives oil system

Model AKRA 45 ATOR
Bread dimensions max LxWxHcm 45 x 14 45 x 24 x 14
Efficiency max(pcs/h) 1200 1200
PowerkW 0,9 0,4
Power supplyV 230V, 50Hz 230/400V, 50Hz
Weightkg 330 170
Dimensions LxWxHcm 176 x 63(108) x 144 69 x 171 x 107

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