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Bun divider and rounder SUPRA auto

Automatic bun divider and rounder SUPRA auto is designed for dividing dough for portions or dividing and rounding dough for bread rolls or doughnuts

Dividing-and-rounding machine is strong and reliable; machine base, arm and arm and camp are made of cast iron; knives welded using special process, are made of Swedish spring steel; the ring is thin plated; control panel housing is made in form of thick aluminum casting. Thanks to use of special materials and chromium plating of all mobile elements burdensome maintenance process has been eliminated. Cleanness and standard daily inspection - the machine does not require more. Careful design and production process of the machine guarantee long and reliable work.

Compact hydraulic unit is located in external machine body, which in the same time acts as a large radiator, assuring good heat dissipation. This in turn allows for continuous operation under extreme conditions of environment.


    • high quality
    • modern design
    • durability ensured by applying modern technologies and materials
    • high efficiency - up to 10 000 pcs/h for 50 portions
    • safety of operating
    • easy cleaning
    • easy displacement


    • turn on the machine
    • put a dough piece on the tray
    • put it into the machine
    • take out the tray with formed bread rolls
Model Number of portionspcs Weight rangeg Weight of dough maxg
SUPRA auto 50M 50 2300 20-45
SUPRA auto 50W 50 3300 25-55
SUPRA auto 30M 30 2700 30-90
SUPRA auto 30W 30 3500 35-115
SUPRA auto 144K 144 2600 15-18

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