Bread slicer ARIA


    • compact and modern form, stainless steel casing
    • easy and safety operation, acceptance of bread on the one side
    • can cut the bread at length till 40 cm ( round bread, after cutting it by half)
    • adapted for continuous work
    • knives made from special steels, easy for changing.


    • After switching on the supply (switch-key in position 1) we lift the frame.
    • We put loaf of bread on the feeding comb and move it maximally to the back.
    • We lift up the lever on the right side and start the knives. Frame with knives automaticly falls, cutting the bread.
    • After cutting we pick up the loaf of bread from the support comb, the machine automaticly switches off.
Model Slice thicknessmm Bread dimensions max LxWxHcm Efficiency max(pcs/h) PowerkW Power supplyV Weightkg Dimensions LxWxHcm
ARIA 9/11/13/14/16/21 38 x 16,5 x 9 150 0,37 230V, 50Hz 94 62 x 76 x 46

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