Rotary oven TURBO

TURBO is a rotary oven built in accordance to the top world technologies. TURBO oven marks out within other ovens with its new solutions and very solid construction.

Economy and baking quality

  • Door gaskets were made from massive silicon profiles
  • Fan and inside circulation channels were projected very precisely to avoid energy consumption for power feeds
  • Heat exchanger was optimally projected to keep stable bakery parameters and small fuel consumption. It was made from special material, which guarantee long operational use.
  • Horizontal hot air supplying excellent improves quality of baking and also permits to increase the quantity of trays on trolleys


  • Universal oven for all kind of bakery products both for normal and form bread and buns, form dough and small cakes.

Compact construction

  • Compact oven dimensions and putting all servicing elements in front of oven permit of setting the oven at the wall
  • Modular building system makes easier the transport and fast oven assembling. Small modules dimensions permit to put the oven through the standard door


  • Microprocessor controller controls work and safety of oven maintenance. It permits to program and keep in memory bakery process. Traditional; control is also available
  • Halogen lightning with 4 lamps were assembled on panel which is easy available from outside.

Efficient steaming

  • 1200 spheres of steam generator assure each steam quantity with best parameters which is indispensable for best quality of bakery products

On hook and platform

  • Hook mechanism were we hang up the trolley is interconnected with hinges axis. It lowers the trolley when we open the door and lifts it when we shut the door
  • Optionally the oven can be equipped with platform on which you can set the trolley


  • Extension door hinges make easier the access to the bakery chamber and trolley handling
  • Dual door locks block the door very strong and surely. It was used steeples regulation for door pressure force to the gaskets
  • Efficient extractor fan works together with special extractor channel. When you open the door, vapours are immediately extract and door gasket does not blocked the way for vapours extraction .
  • Additional window adjusted in front of the door and inside door handle increase safety of oven operating.
Model Trays dimensionscm Thermal power Weightkg Dimensions LxWxHcm
gas/oilkcal/h electrickW
TURBO 575 40x60
45 000 40 1200 148x137x220/250
TURBO 680 60x80
70 000 55 1400 160x148x220/250
TURBO 6100 60x90
85 000 70 1700 180x148x220/250

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