Deck oven WULKAN

Combustion chamber

Combustion chamber is made from special heat-resisting steel and additionally is lined by pressed chamotte which assure long-lasting oven survivability.

All in the front

All mechanisms are in the front of oven. Systematic construction system assures easy conservation and helps keep oven tidy. Regulation elements are also in the front of the oven.


High efficient halogen lightning with ventilation system.

Materials and finishing

Modern design, precise quality of all elements and the best materials permit for long operational oven use. Steam generator Very efficient steam generator gives a lot of steam in short time with the best parameters. It assures always crisp crust.

Modular construction

It is possible to move all oven elements to the bakery through small door with dimensions 80x210cm.

Heat circulation

Special, extremely proficient heat circulation assures regular temerature distribution on all bakery surface for each deck.. Hert plates with internal reinforcement and big thickness permit baking of traditional, best quality bread.

Control panels choice

Oven can be equipped with traditional control elements or microprocessor controller with programmed bake time.


  • stainless and heat-resisting steel of high quality is used for the production of the ovens.
  • the application of the halogene lighting in each chamber allows you a complete observation of the baking process.
  • the steam generators have a high yield.
  • hert boards of an internal strengthening and a dig thickness allow you baking traditional bread of the highest quality.
  • all chambers have hardened panes.
  • the access to all facilities is ensured from the front of the oven. It facilitates the cleaning of the steam generators and a conservation of the burner.
  • aprecise realization of all elements, as well as the applied materials allow you a long-lasting utilization of the ovens.
Model Baking surfacem2 Number of deckspcs Internal dimensions LxWxHcm External dimensions LxWxHcm PowerkW
WULKAN 4/124/170 8,5 4 124 x 170 x 17/20 175x290x220 2.6
WULKAN 4/124/215 10,6 4 124 x 215 x 17/20 175x340x220 2.6
WULKAN 4/124/260 12,8 4 124 x 260 x 17/20 175x390x220 2.6
WULKAN 4/186/215 16 4 186 x 215 x 17/20 240x350x220 4.4
WULKAN 4/186/260 19 4 186 x 260 x 17/20 240x400x220 4.4
WULKAN 5/124/170 10,5 5 124 x 170 x 17 175x295x220 3.4
WULKAN 5/124/215 13,3 5 124 x 215 x 17 175x345x220 3.4
WULKAN Duo 4/124/170 17 4+4 (124+124) x 170 x 17/20 300x290x220 5.2
WULKAN Duo 4/124/215 21,2 4+4 (124+124) x 215x 17/20 300x340x220 5.2
WULKAN Duo 4/124/260 25,6 4+4 (124+124) x 260 x 17/20 300x390x220 5.2
WULKAN Duo 5/124/170 21,0 5+5 (124+124) x 170 x 17 295x350x270 6.8
WULKAN Duo 5/124/215 26,6 5+5 (124+124) x 215 x 17 345x350x270 6.8

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